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Webinar | 2016-06-21

SeedMe platform: Enabling scriptable data sharing @ XSEDE ECSS Symposium

Most scientific computation and analyses create important transient data and preliminary results. Quick and effective access and assessments of this data is necessary for efficient use of researchers time and computation resources, but this process is complicated when a large collaborating team is geographically dispersed and/or some team members do not have direct access to the computation resource and output data. Current methods for sharing and assessing transient data and preliminary results are cumbersome, labor intensive, and largely unsupported by useful tools and procedures. Each research team is forced to create their own ad hoc procedures to push results from system to system, and user to user, to guide the next step in their research.

This talk will introduce the SeedMe platform which provides a web-based cyberinfrastructure to enable easy sharing and streaming of transient data and preliminary results directly from computing resources to a variety of platforms, from mobile devices to workstations. The SeedMe platform is open to all researchers and provides web browser based as well scriptable tools for easy integration with ad hoc computation workflows. The talk will also briefly discuss applications and uses cases that may be relevant for ECSS and Science Gateway projects.

Presenter: Amit Chourasia, San Diego Supercomputer Center, UC San Diego
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