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TutorialWebinar | 2015-11-04

Research projects involving scientific computing are now increasingly collaborative and performed on high performance clusters. These clusters offer significant computing capacity and capability to carry out several computation and analysis in parallel or distributed manner. However, the tools and policies on clusters are single user centric and impose restrictions on how processed data and computed results can be accessed and shared with research team. Furthermore, the tools and policies vary on different clusters making the sharing process non-portable and laborious. To overcome these gaps we have developed the SeedMe (Stream Encode Explore and Disseminate My Experiments) platform that offers easy to use sharing infrastructure and tools. These tools could be used in ad-hoc or automated manner that are conducive to batch computing needs of researchers.

Register here - Nov 4, 2015 (2pm-3pm ET / 1pm-2pm CT / 11am-12pm PT)
Register here - Nov 5, 2015 (1pm-2pm ET / 12pm-1pm CT / 10am-11am PT)

This webcast tutorial aims to provide rapid hands-on training for researchers to take advantage of SeedMe resource by providing hands on introduction and exercises to easily share data from Comet and Gordon clusters. The following topics will be covered in the tutorial

  • Short overview of SeedMe
  • Sample use cases
  • Automation setup on Comet and Gordon (hands on)
  • Upload content using command line (hands on)
  • Upload content programmatically using Python (hands on, python knowledge in not required)


  • Familiarity with using any command line tools
  • Please register for an account on This is required for hands on exercises
  • Account on Comet or Gordon cluster. Please contact us if you don’t have an account