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Show Br and Ur fields simultaneously

by Amit Chourasia | 2015-05-08 11:39 | 534.88 KB
Filename: deform_br_by_ur0003.png

Experiment to show two variables at the same time. Mesh overlay is shown to provide a reference to see the effect of deformation.
A spherical shell at r = 1.5 is chosen for this visualization

Top row: Br and Ur fields are rendered with color and shown in top row left and right respectively. The Ur field is clamped to -1 to 1, so we can see the changes easily.
Bottom left: The Br shell is deformed based on Ur. Here the variation in Br field is visible as color and the deformation indicates strength or Ur field. We can manipulate the deformation scale as desired
Bottom right: The Br field is visible as color and the contour lines indicate Ur field at various iso levels indicated in legend