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Presentation | 2013-04-18

SeedMe (Preview): Sharing visual results from disk to device

Presented at the Globus World 2013, Chicago, IL

Presenter: Amit ChourasiaSan Diego Supercomputer CenterUC San Diego


Computational simulations have become an indispensable tool in a wide variety of science and engineering investigations. With the rise in complexity and size of computational simulations, it has become necessary to continually and rapidly assess simulation output. Visualization plays an important and critical role for qualitative assessment of raw data. The result of many visualization processes is a set of image sequences, which can be encoded as a movie and distributed within and beyond the research groups doing the simulations. The movie encoding process is a computationally intensive, manual, serial, cumbersome and complicated process as well as one that each research group must undertake. Furthermore, sharing visualizations within and outside the research groups requires additional effort. On the other hand, the ubiquity of portable wireless devices has made it possible and oftentimes desirable to access information anywhere and at anytime, yet the application of this capability for use in computational research and outreach has been negligible. We are building a cyberinfrastructure to fill these gaps by using a combination of hardware and software. SEEDME will enable seamless sharing and streaming of visualization content on a variety of platforms from mobile devices to workstations making it possible to conveniently view the results and provide an essential yet missing component in computational research and current High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure. Data movement is one of the core areas for the SeedMe project. Accessible visualization is a key necessity for many large projects which is currently missing in HPC currently. We are aiming to fill this critical gap.