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Poster | 2014-07-15

SeedMe Live: Your Results from Disk to Device

Presented at the XSEDE 2014 conference, Atlanta, GA Amit Chourasia, Mona Wong-Barnum, and Michael L. Norman Poster PDF


Nearly all scientific computation and analysis create intermediate or transient results. These results are of vital importance as they form the basis for validation and potential next steps. Timely, sharing of these results is essential for many researchers working as a team. However, current methods of sharing these results are neither straightforward nor elegant. To address this gap we introduce SeedMe (Stream encode explore disseminate My experiments), a cyberinfrastructure where users may ubiquitously access and continuously share results and reusable components of their research within and outside their community. One core focus of SeedMe is to promote accessibility of preliminary and sometimes ephemeral content, which is vital to efficient and successful work. Our goal is to foster rapid assessment, iteration, communication and dissemination of research by seamless seeding of results that is ubiquitously accessible on many devices.