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Visit SeedMeLab project as a new option for data hosting.
Release | 2014-11-14

Version 0.9 - SeedMe has reached the Pre-Production status.

Below are key highlights for this release

  • Bandwidth friendly and fast layout.
  • Refined user interface
  • Collections can now be deleted from web browser
  • Comments are now enabled on collection, you may easily discuss your work with colleagues
  • Notifications can be easily triggered from web browser
  • Community pages for public collections tagged with Kepler, Visit and YT. Ask us to add your community with a specific tag.
  • Python client: Now unifies uploading of files, plots and videos as files, you no longer need to specify things as file/plot or video. The client is now also available via PyPI. % pip install seedme
  • Bug Fixes: Added support for file names up to 128 chars. Tags can now be sent via web services. Titles for some entities were not showing. Key Values can now parse correctly when string contains multiple delimiters ':'. Video update and overwrite now work via web services. 


  • Ability to upload files from Web browser has been disabled, as we are working to create a better interface. You may continue to upload content using the web services.

Upcoming Event

Meet us at Supercomputing Conference 2014 conference, we are presenting an invited talk on SeedMe at the Ultravis Workshop 2014

Coming soon

  • Webinar - How to use SeedMe
  • Permit all file types for file upload
  • Java client for SeedMe
  • Ability to query collection from web services