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Presentation | 2014-11-16

(Invited talk) Sharing Visualization results via SeedMe platform.

Presented at the Ultrascale Visualization Workshop at SC 2014, New Orleans, LA

Presenter: Amit ChourasiaSan Diego Supercomputer CenterUC San Diego


Many scientific computations rely on visualization for validation, exploration and discovery. Current methods for sharing and accessing visualization results from computation platforms are labor intensive and slow. Each research group is virtually forced to create their own strategy to share consumable results from various systems.  Access and sharing of visualization results is even more pertinent for in-situ visualizations. Furthermore, video encoding of visualization requires further processing and tuning for making them suitable for playback on various devices.  This talk presents SeedMe platform (Stream, Encode, Explore and Disseminate My Experiments), a web based cyber infrastructure to enable easy access and sharing of visualization and other small scale results directly from computing resources with high degree of automation and customization.