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Presentation | 2015-03-08

SeedMe - Building Blocks for Sharing Preliminary and Transient Results (Lighting talk)

Presented at the Large Scale Data Projects meet RDA - RDA 5th Plenary, SDSC, San Diego, CA

Presenter: Amit Chourasia, San Diego Supercomputer Center, UC San Diego


Computation is increasingly an integral part of research in several disciplines. The computation component may be in form of simulation, modeling, analysis or visualization. Each of these processes create small-scale, but key artifacts in form of preliminary and transient results that play a critical role in project lifecycle. However, the processes, tools and infrastructure to support sharing of these artifacts are either not well established or entirely missing in the scientific community.

To address, these gaps we are building a new web based infrastructure: SeedMe (Stream, Encode, Explore and Disseminate My Experiments) which aims to deliver a set of building blocks that will allow researchers from a diverse set of scientific and engineering communities to easily share, access and assess their results collaboratively. A central website will serve as shared resource for sharing transient data and preliminary results that will enable significant time saving for researchers by providing a simple and ready to use cyberinfrastructure for collaboration. A prototype implementation of the project concept is available at

Broader challenges

  • Incentivize researchers for sharing well documented data products
  • A general purpose metadata schema
  • A hassle free DOI like service
  • Overcome obstacles to deliver services and sustain infrastructure from 5 – 20 years