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Release | 2015-02-04

Release: 1.0 - This update is packed with several powerful features. [Image: Visualization of geodynamo model

Core features

  • Better handling of uploaded content.
  • Query: Collection information via command line or REST interface. See examples to query all collections or one collection
  • Subscribe comments: Add automatic subscription by default at  My Account > Edit > Preferences > Comment Subscribe (Check)
  • Public profile: Write a short bio about yourself for your public profile. My Account > Edit > Name > About you 
  • Add to profile (★): Feature your public collection(s) on your public profile page
  • Favorites ( ♥ ): Mark collections that and used/ visited frequently as favorites for easier access
  • Pin ( ◉ ):  Pin important collections to the top of the lists
  • Community: Filter collection lists by community tags. For example visit public collections > Under community choose any one item
  • Snappy pages: Page load time has been cut in half site wide
  • Tab navigation: Tabs on collection and edit pages now have anchor links, so web browser's back/forward can be used to go back and forth
  • IPython notebooks: Public IPython notebooks are now linked to open at see example

Thirdparty integration

  • Kepler workflow system: Includes a seamless graphical interface to upload content to SeedMe. Thanks Daniel Crawl-SDSC, UC San Diego
  • VisIt: VisIt software version 2.9.0 now includes SeedMe python module. Thanks Cyrus Harrison, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

SeedMe clients

Coming soon

  • Webinars - Introduction to SeedMe with usage examples. Sign-up for webinar notification.
  • Permit all file types for file upload


  • Web browser uploads are disabled as the older interface could not upload multiple files. (Under development, targeted for next release)
  • Information about sequence files is not yet returned via query. (Under development)

Bug Fixes

  • Special chars like " and ' were not being displayed properly for text fields
  • Tab navigation at collection/user/register edit pages required two clicks to change tab and scrolled the page to top
  • Size of key value fields increased to 255 chars

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