Mesoscale Analysis of Hurricane Sandy Landfall Winds /

Figure S-7

by James Schiavone | 2017-07-19 11:13 | 14.6 MB
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Animation of Fig. 8a: Top view of simulated surface wind speed at 10 meter elevation (colors), surface temperature at 2 meter elevation (contours), and vertical cross sections of wind speed (colors). Animation range is 1800 UTC 28 October 2012 to 1200 UTC 30 October 2012 with 30 minute frame intervals. Horizontal domain is 30.7811 to 41.7077 degrees North latitude and -77.0661 to -67.1206 degrees West longitude and cross section height is 10 km. Surface wind speed color range is 0 (violet) to 30 (red) m s-1 and surface temperature contour range is 284 (black) to 298 (white) K with an interval of 2 K. Wind speed vertical cross section color range is 7 (violet) to 44 (red) m s-1.