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SeedMe News

Title Type Datesort ascending
Rich data management and publishing on websites Demonstration, Presentation 2019-05-18
SeedMeLab released Release 2019-03-28
HigherEd Web 2018 conference: SeedMeLab talk Presentation 2018-10-23
Science Gateways 2018 conference: SeedMeLab (formerly SeedMe2) demo and poster Demonstration, Paper, Poster 2018-09-25
SeedMeLab workshop: Collaborative data sharing infrastructure for researchers Workshop 2018-08-24
SDSC 2018 summer institute: SeedMeLab tutorial Tutorial 2018-08-10
SeedMeLab demo for the XSEDE NIP Demonstration 2018-07-30
DrupalCampLA 2018 : FolderShare: Organize, store and share data on any Drupal 8 site Demonstration, Presentation 2018-07-21
SeedMeLab demo for the CAIDA Demonstration 2018-07-17
SeedMeLab demo for the UC Cyber-Archaeology VR project Demonstration 2018-07-05
SeedMeLab demo for the SCEC consortiurn Demonstration 2018-06-22
Drupal Con 2018: FolderShare: Building a data sharing cloud on Drupal 8 Demonstration, Presentation 2018-04-09
SeedMeLab @ Stanford Drupal Camp 2018 Demonstration, Presentation 2018-04-06
SeedMeLab tutorial @ SEA 2018 conference Tutorial 2018-04-05
SeedMeLab @ Univ of Colorado, Boulder Demonstration, Presentation 2018-04-04
SeedMeLab @ National Renewable Energy Labs Demonstration, Presentation 2018-04-04
SEA 2018 conference: SeedMeLab talk Demonstration, Presentation 2018-04-02
SANDCamp 2018: Foldershare: Building a data sharing cloud on Drupal 8 Demonstration, Presentation 2018-03-23
SeedMeLab demo for the Legume Federation Demonstration, Webinar 2018-03-15
Data West 2017: SeedMeLab talk Presentation 2017-12-13