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Rich data management and publishing on websites

Amit Chourasia
Presented at the Stanford Web Camp 2019 (Remote presentation), May 18, 2019

Data has been growing at a rapid pace for last few decades; much of it resides on file servers. However, there is a growing need to make some of this data available over the web that may be consumed via either a web browser or via API. I will discuss managing and publishing data as first class content on websites that goes beyond displaying data as a list of files and folders by incorporating annotation, discussion, visualization and more.
This session will incorporate demonstration of powerful toolset that enables data organization and sharing via web browser, API and command line interface. These tools are now available for Drupal 8 as a set of independent modules, they include

  • FolderShare - Provides a virtual file system for data management and file sharing.
  • Chart Suite - Enables automatic generation of visualization from tabular data stored in csv and json files.
  • Formatter Suite - Allows ability to format different data types and files.
  • CILogon Auth - Supports single sign on for Higher Education organization.
You are welcome to try (no sign up needed) and adopt these tools. Visit project website for details.

Release | 2019-03-28
SeedMeLab (formerly SeedMe2) now has a stable release of several key data sharing modules. Contact us to setup a branded instance for your team.
Presentation | 2018-10-23

Web-Based Data-Sharing Building Blocks For Researchers And Research Projects

Amit Chourasia
Presented at the HigherEd Web 2018 Conference, Sacramento, CA, Oct 23, 2018

DemonstrationPaperPoster | 2018-09-25 to 2018-09-27

SeedMeLab: Extensible data sharing websites for teams

Mona Wong Chourasia
Demonstrated at the Science Gateways 2018 Conference, Austin, TX, Sep 25-27, 2018

Citation: Chourasia, Amit; Nadeau, David; Wong, Mona; Norman, Michael (2018): SeedMe2: Extensible data sharing websites for teams. figshare. Paper.

Workshop | 2018-08-24

SeedMeLab workshop: Collaborative data sharing infrastructure for researchers

Agenda: View here, Download pdf
Date: Aug 24, 2018 (9am to 6:00pm)
Tutorial | 2018-08-10

SeedMeLab: Creating data centric websites for researchers and research projects

Amit Chourasia
Presented at the SDSC Summer Institute 2018, San Diego, CA, Aug 10, 2018

Demonstration | 2018-07-30
Demonstration of SeedMeLab capabilities for XSEDE's novel and innovative (NIP) consultants.

FolderShare: Organize, store and share data on any Drupal 8 site (a.k.a. Built in DropBox for Drupal)

Amit Chourasia
Presented at the Drupal Camp LA 2018, Irvine, CA, Jul 21, 2018

Demonstration | 2018-07-17
Demonstration of SeedMeLab capabilities for potential use in collaborative research with on-site and off-site researchers at CAIDA.
Demonstration | 2018-07-05
Demonstration of SeedMeLab capabilities for potential use to create VR data repositories for the UC Cyber-Archaeology project at UCSD.
Demonstration | 2018-06-22
Demonstration of SeedMeLab capabilities for potential use in organization and management of complex seismic data products created by the SCEC consortium for variety of researchers, state and federal government agencies, as well as industry.