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Getting an API key

Command-line tools and third-party apps for SeedMe require an API key that enables authenticated access to your account. This key is a simple text file you download from the SeedMe web site and save on your computer.

Downloading the API key

To get your API key, log in to your SeedMe account and click the Download key button on your account profile. This will download the key to a file on your computer. You should never share this file with anyone or leave the file readable by anyone but you.

Installing the API key

The API key is a small text file named 'seedme.txt'. After you download it, move it to your home folder. Most SeedMe tools look for it there.

Linux and OS X users should rename 'seedme.txt' to '.seedme', then change permissions to restrict access to just you:

mv seedme.txt .seedme
chmod go-rwx .seedme

Redownloading the API key

You can download the same API key any number of times. If you use command-line tools or third-party apps from multiple computers, you can download the key to each computer, or just copy the same file from computer to computer.

Resetting the API key

If your existing API key becomes compromised, you can invalidate the key and get a new one. To reset your API key, Log in to your SeedMe account and click the Reset key button on your account profile. After a reset, download a new key by clicking the Download key button on your account profile. Be sure to update the key on all of the computers you use to access SeedMe with command-line tools or third-party apps.