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Visit SeedMeLab project as a new option for data hosting.

Creating a SeedMe account

SeedMe accounts are free for faculty, staff, and students at academic and government research sites.

Creating an account

SeedMe provides two ways to create an account:

  • Create an account using your choice of user name and password, plus an email address.
  • Create an account using your home institution's credentials by using CILogon. The CILogon service is secure and supported by a growing list of academic and government institutions. Creating an account with CILogon provides SeedMe with your email address and home institution name.

Your email address is never published. Other SeedMe users may send you a message via a contact form, but your email address is never visible.

Setting account information

We encourage you to provide optional descriptive information with your account. This information is shown on a public profile page for you. You can set this information when you create your account, or set it later:

  • Your full name.
  • A short biography.
  • Your organization, department, and title.