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Working with collections

A Collection groups together related images, videos, data, and metadata. Every collection has a name, access controls, and an optional description. You can create, change and delete collections from the command line, or you can Work with collections using a web browser.

Creating a collection

A collection has a title and an optional description, sharing license, and list of people to credit. When a collection is created, it is assigned a unique numeric ID.

Linux & OS X Windows
./ -title "My collection"
seedme.cmd -title "My collection"

The command-line tool prints the Collection ID on success. Jot this down - you'll need it to post data to the collection. If you forget this ID, you can Query collections from the command line, or use the web site to list your collections and their IDs.

Deleting a collection

Deleting collection will also delete all their child content. You can also delete files from a collection using the command line.

Linux & OS X Windows
./ -delete 1234
seedme.cmd -delete 1234 

Transferring a collection

Transferring collection ownership to another user may be useful for service providers, who wish to delegate ownership for their users content to them. Collection ownership may be transferred during collection creation or update. The transfer operation cannot be performed via web browser.

Transfer process and rules

  1. Recipient will get a new SeedMe account, if an existing account corresponding to their email is not found.
  2. SeedMe sends an automatic email to the recipient when a collection is transferred to them.
  3. Recipients can modify/append/delete/change privacy of the transferred collection at any time.
  4. Transferring user will retain the ability to update/append the transferred collection.
  5. Transferring user cannot delete or rescind collection or its content after transfer.
  6. Transferred collection's privacy is automatically restricted to Private or Group. In cases where the privacy is downgraded from Public, the recipient is notified by email that the transferring user intended the collection to be public.
  7. Transferring user may share a transferred collection with others. However, SeedMe will only inform the recipient via email, other shared users must be notified by the transferring user independently.
Linux & OS X Windows
./ -title 'sample title' -transfer

./ -update 1234 -transfer
seedme.cmd -title 'sample title' -transfer

seedme.cmd -update 1234 -transfer

Above, the first command creates a new collection and assigns its ownership to a user specified by the email .
The second command updates an existing collection at ID '1234' and transfers its ownership to a user specified by the email .