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Visit SeedMeLab project as a new option for data hosting.

SeedMe vs. file sharing services

SeedMe provides data sharing, content descriptions, video creation, and secure discussion forums designed for scientists, by scientists. SeedMe is funded by the National Science Foundation and is created and managed by scientists at the San Diego Supercomputer Center at the University of California at San Diego.

More than file sharing

Basic file sharing services, like DropBox or GDrive, are handy, but they only provide a simple web disk drive. SeedMe provides much more:

  • Integrated support for images, image sequences, videos, and data.
  • Content descriptions and metadata to document your files.
  • Automatic multi-resolution video creation from image sequences.
  • Video playback with resolutions and bit rates tuned for phones, tablets, and desktops.
  • Command-line tools so you can post data automatically from scripts and workflows.
  • Integration into third-party tools, like VisIt and Kepler.
  • Access controls to grant access to your collaborators.
  • Discussion features to collect comments from your group or the public.
  • Secure connections to keep your data safe.

Scripted file posting

SeedMe is designed to support posting messages and files from anywhere, quickly, and in any quantity. While file sharing sites force you to upload each file one at a time, SeedMe's command-line tool enables you to post files quickly and automatically as you generate them. Supercomputer jobs, workflows, and scripts can post progress messages, job state, data files, and images as they run.