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Visit SeedMeLab project as a new option for data hosting.


SeedMe's science data sharing services enable you to easily post and share science data, computation results, metadata, images, videos, and documentation, and discuss them with your colleagues. The content you post can be accessed from desktops, clusters, phones, and tablets using any web browser, our command-line tool, and third-party apps. You can even post data automatically using scripts and workflows running on your desktop or on a supercomputer cluster.

SeedMe content is grouped into collections that you can share with select colleagues or publish for the public to see. Automatic services help you build videos from animation image sequences, and play those videos on any modern platform. Commenting forms attached to collections, images, videos, and data files enable you and your colleagues to discuss results and plan your next research steps.

SeedMe is secure. All connections to SeedMe are encrypted. All content is locked down so that only you and your colleagues can access it.

SeedMe is funded by the National Science Foundation as a free service to faculty, staff, and students at academic and government research sites. At present, there is no limit on the amount of data that can be stored on SeedMe.